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This is a place for individual projects and collaborations.
Please keep in mind where you are working and do not mess with any page that is not your own! You would not want that to happen to you. Do not be a DB! (This includes not editing this page.)
THAT means when you make your wikipage you will start a new one, a new page on this wikispace, not a new wikispace.

Wendy's Diatribe on The Tech:
Like it or not you are a part of the digital generation, most of you will at some point have a job that involves some piece of computer technology. At first I thought it was a bunch of hooey, but then I was convinced that it really is not such a bad thing. The tech has also gotten so simple that anyone with a little patience can figure it out. In working on this wiki as a home base for research and projects you have the opportunity to save a lot of resources as well. I will still allow the luddites to hand-write drafts and such, but all of that uses paper and ink and such, which collectively makes a big impact and we already use lots of it in class. Since our lab is a bunch of refurbished computers, this is just using the electricity (as opposed to electricity +trees + numerous nasty chemicals and a whole lotta water).