Ocean Dead Zones.
Dead zones are areas of oceans that kill marine life due to the lack of oxygen. Scientist suspect that global warming is what is causing these dead zones. There is over 400 dead zones, and they expect there to be forming. Farming with industrial machines causes these dead zones by the fuel they use to power these machines. The fuel increases the aquatic dissolved nitrogen. This leads to the growth of algae, which uses up the oxygen in the water, which causes these dead zones. Also some of what we dump in the ocean causes this too. If we did crop biodiversity on land it would help by decreasing or eliminating use of fertilizing and chemicals that run off into the ocean that cause these dead zones. ggugu.jpg

The age of mammals.How long did it last?: It started 65 million years ago, and is still going to this very day.This is what the continents looked like:bjjbj.jpg
What was going on, on earth?: It was a lot warmer and the climate was more consistent.
What was life like for plants, animals, and bacteria?: Life was pretty good for them. Stuff was getting better.

Here are some pictures of animals from this time:

cenozoic arsinoitherium.jpg


Here's some plants:


Here's some bacteria:

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