Mercury Pollution.
There are many types of pollution plaguing the ocean, The worst one is mercury. The main source of mercury in the ocean is major power plants. Power plants using coal fires for power create the most mercury in bodies of water according to the E.P.A. It is especially bad because mercury levels are predicted to continue rising and is found in most major bodies of water in all 50 states. Mercury is found in most of the fish that we normally eat; such as tuna, salmon and many more. The way this happens is from smaller fish absorbing it through the water they live in, then bigger fish eat them and absorb the mercury in them. Then when we eat the larger fish we get mercury poisoning. The reason coal burning plants produce so much mercury is because most of them completely lack mercury limiting features that restrict the mercury output. It has been known that there are excessive mercury levels in tuna for years. But major tuna industries have convinced the FDA to keep it off the watch list. Tuna is the second highest consumed seafood in america behind shrimp and if mercury levels continue to rise bad things may happen.


  • The Ordovician period lasted 45 million years in total.
  • This period is best known for its wide variety of marine animals and invertebrates. during this period Tons of marine plants, animals, invertebrates and even types of corals .
  • Massive ice bergs formed in Antarctica and caused the sea levels to drop. this caused 60% of all species to go extinct.
  • The most outstanding thing that happened during this period was the arrival of the first land arthropods.
  • During this period south America, Africa, southern Europe and Australia were all part of the same super continent known as Gondwanaland.
  • Green algae, which was probably washed ashore by the tides, are the first creatures other than bacteria to successfully adapt to life on land.


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