Ocean Issues

The Effects of Over Fishing

The way that many fisherman obtain their fish is not sustainable. It is destroying habitats, leading certain fish to be endangered, and causing others to die from lack of food. Be aware of the fish you are eating and how it came to be your food.

While Atlantic Blue fin Tuna is illegal to sell, they are highly endangered. A restaurant called Nobu was found to have been lying about selling them, so their customers were unknowingly consuming the endangered fish.


The over fishing being done by humans is leaving sea animals and birds with nothing to eat. Emaciated animals like whales and dolphins are washing up on beaches every day. Compared to fifty years ago, we are bringing in four times more little fish which is what a lot of sea animals survive off of.

If the current problem of depletion in the fish community is ever to get better, experts say that there must be a 20 year fishing ban put on up to 40 percent of the ocean. That is compared to the 0.7% of ocean that is currently unfishable. In the 0.7% that is currently protected, there has been a huge improvement in the marine life populations.

Contrary to popular belief, over fishing is not a new thing. It's not even a last few centuries thing. Over fishing started as many as one thousand years ago.

A practice called bottom trawling is used to catch fish that reside in deep water. This practice is incredibly destructive. It destroys habitats including coral reefs, disturbs and unsettles the ocean floor, and unearths random fish.