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Dying Coral Reefs And A Scary Downward Spiral
As of this moment we as a species and many species of coral fish are at risk of facing starvation and extreme trouble because of ocean acidification and the warming of our oceans. One of the few and largest coral reef called the Coral Triangle near Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and the Solomon islands.
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A report from the World Wildlife Fund says that if we don't try to stop this problem, we will lose all of our coral reefs by 2100. This would cause a a decline in food production by 80% in Asia, putting about 100 million people at serious risk. The Coral triangle makes up only 1% of the earths surface, but holds 30% of coral reef, 76% of reef building coral, and 35% of coral reef fish species. Six regional nations, the US, and Australia have been working to implement the Coral Reef Initiative that would consist of six rules. The Coral Reef Initiative is an act that will put in place six rules that are; 1 - allow margins of error in extent and nature of protection, as insurance against unforeseen threats; 2 - spread risks among areas. 3 - aim to create networks of protected areas which (a) protect all the main types of reef creatures, processes and connections, known and unknown; (b) achieve sufficient protection for each type of reef habitat type, and for the whole region; (c) achieve maximum protection for all reef processes (d) contain several examples of particular reef types to spread the risk. 4 - protect whole reefs where possible; place buffer zones around core areas. 5 - allow for reef species to spread over a range of distances, especially 20 km. 6 - use a range of conservation approaches, including marine protected areas.

Kai Mullen
Age of Land Invasion = 544-410 MYA
  • At the beginning of the Cambrian Period about 540 million years ago.
  • The Cambrian Period lasted 53 million years ago.
  • It was the period that a major diversification of every major group (phylum) of animal life as well as many dying
  • About 600 million years ago the Iapetus Ocean
    • This caused the formation of new continents
      • Laurenta (North America)
      • Baltica (North Europe)
      • Siberia
      • Gondwana
  • The super continent that was assembled during the Pan Africa orogeny.
    • It was the largest continent at the time.
    • It stretched from the equator down to the South Pole

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