My name is Jonathan Durant. Before I was born my parents Jonah Durant and Christine Durant worked at a science lab that studied fossils and prehistoric items specifically things from the Jurassic period. They both disapeared when I was about 16, but even some of there old friends and co workers said they died. But for some reason I always felt like they were still alive. When they died I moved in with my grandmother She took good care of me but I had to drop out of school for a bit. Then I got a job as a dishwasher at a local fish market and started going back to school to study fossils of all periods but honestly my favorite period was the jurrasic period. I discovered enginering when I got into college. And mathmatics was one of my favorites. Eventually when I graduated with a science enginering degree I was ready to got dig up some fossils in the hot sweaty desert or below zero in the freezing cold mountains. It took a long time but I was actually able to contact my dads old co workers and they told me to go to the prehistoric period study facility in Nevada.

They even set up an interview for me there with my dad's old friend Bill Umi. He said he has a project that he thinks would be perfect for me. So I went to a small little car lot and picked myself up a Ford truck 1995 F-150 XLT Supercab. I threw my bike, a backpack, with food, clothes, water, and fire starters in the back of the truck and headed straight to Nevada, only stoping for food and gas Eventualy I make it there its a long drive up the mountains then off road a while but when i got there there. was a bunch of Circut poles on the side with a bunch of giant power generaters and a big logo P.P.S. Two large men with black Carheart jeans and a smooth rain jacket with a globe symbol on it saying"security". They kindly escorted me out of my vehicle and asked me what I was doing here. I said I have an interview with bill Umi my name is Jonathan Durant. They then kindly escorted me into the building. On the walk in I overheared one of the security guards telling Bill over the radio that Im here.


And yet as soon as I walk into the building bill is standing right there with his hand out ready for a handshake I firmly grip his hand he says to me we've been waiting a long time for you Jonathon. I calmly noded my head then he tells the guards to go back to there checkpoints. Then he looks at me and says shall we begin with the tour and I say what about the interview. He says no need for an interview i have been watching you for awhile. Now as you could imagine I was quiet creeped out when he said that. But he tells me its okay and continues with the tour he starts off with how everything is run aka the power room then he go's to the lab were they are testing amber thousands of years old ambers. And he introduced me to the team it was a group of five people then we took a walk outside to this little warehouse with a butt load of wires going into it we step into the warehouse. And a group of 4 engineers 3 scientist and a couple of military escorts and a giant toaster oven lookin object in the back. One of the scientist aproached me and introduced himself to me. hello my name is Toby marshal happy to acompany you on this voyage. I looked at him with a strange face then one of the engineers came up to me to greet herself. Hello my name is Katy potaty it is great for you to be joining me on this historic adventure.

At last one of the military escorts comes up to me to introduce himself and says the same thing. It is an honor for us to be working for you. After they are all done introducing themselves i asked bill what this project is about. He tells me that my father and mother were the first humans to time travel. I just stood there and sayed nothing I did not know what to think or what to say so I sat down for a bit and said alright lets go. Bill umi immedietly says wait it is not ready. I firmly state I am so. He told the crew to start getting everything ready we are leaving in 10. Bill kindly escorted me to the prep room were they had a bunch of green camoflauge slick rain jacket sort of thing with a see through mask that has a silicone cover bill looks at the suites looks at me and says. Go a head put one on. I asked him what this is for. He said for the jurrasic period of course the oxygen is really low. I said oh of course.

So after I got suited up. Katy the engineer comes to tell us that the machine is ready. Bill looks me in the eyes and asked. If I realy want to do this. I calmy nodded my head. Ok lets go we steped into the portal Katy Toby the military escort. Bill's last words were remember your mission is to document only do not destroy anything or none of this actually happened ok. I got you I said. Ok have fun yall said bill. Then we suddenly dissapeared loud wooshing noises white and black lights constant flashing then we apeared in the jurrasic period 199.6-145.5 million years ago the sound of birds chirping branches snapping the sun was shining like crazy through the window. I was about step outside and Toby the scientist quickly says. Wait let me look outside ok you are good. Before I steped outside there was a trail of footprints leading to the treeline I told the others they didint believe me then they looked outside and started freaking out I said wait wait calm down lets go and investigate it before we document the military escort agreed so we all grabbed a pistol flare with 4 flares each.


The military escort grabbed a 50 caliber rifle. Then we stepped outside and looked around right there there was a giant sauropoda munching on a tree. It was amazing he was eating that tree like a kid that found a cookie jar. The military escort was checking out the tracks he quickly gets us back to the search. As we headed back into the treeline I was thinking about my parents then I relized that these tracks are probably my parents tracks . But next to my parents tracks there was a Ceratosaurus tracks leading into the woods I took a moment to investigate then I quickly shared my data with the team.

We decided to continue going into the woods. Next we spotted a very large and quite active volcano the smell of sulfer and burning wood was greatly decreased while we walked through the trees an in the distance we heard a loud scream for Jonah. As soon as I heard that started running towards the noise the military escort tried to stop me but I quickly passed him by the others tried to follow me but the military escort stopped them and advised them that this investigation is over. And we need to make camp and get some data. Toby sugested that we should follow him because if someone is here then they probably got data allready so we wont have to get any and we could just go home the military escort stood there for a second and. Agreed but it is to life threatning so we sould make a camp. Toby and Katy agreed. Meanwhile im running through all of these all of these shrubs branches thorns suddenly the noise stops and I hear a loud growl behind me I stop slowly turn around and there it is look directly at me a Ceratosaurus but then. I hear a noise coming from the shrubs my mother .Cristine was whispering to quick quick come in here. I quickly jumped in the bush passed the bush there was a hole a quit small but big enough for a human my mother jumps in. As I follow the Ceratosaurus snaped its jaw at the bush taking it out of its roots.


We crawled through the small dirt hole we crawled into a large room with a make shift bed and chimney my mother looks at me with curiosity. Then suddenly she gives me a big hug. Jonathon what are you doing here how did you even. Its a long story mom we need to get my group back lets go my mom grabs me. Son your group is dead. How do you know I said. Because this is raptor terriotory and it is also the jurrasic and all we look like is a walking block of meat. She had a very valid point so I asked her about dad and she started crying. He was eaten by that Ceratosaurus. Damm alright well how much information have you goten here. Alot.....why she asked because we need to get the hell out of here. She agreed so we waited till dawn we talked all night about how long they have been gone and all the things that she missed. When they time traveled. The wierd thing though is my parent's are the same age as they were when they left. Then I asked her how long she has been here and she said 1 month. So me and my crew must have traveled when they came here. Anyways it finally started to get bright out so we started packing up our gear and crawled out of the hole.

As soon as we left the den there was a foul sour smell coming from the way the time machine was so we followed the smell and of course it was the rotting of my crew. That i came here with it looked like a massacre half of Katy's body was hanging from a tree it seemed like the Ceratosaurus works. But we did not stop to bury them to dangerous my mother said. We eventualy made it to the machine before I stepped I asked my mother about my father and she immedietly said. He got murdered by a pack of raptors. I knew she was lying just by the way she said it all the sudden I hear a distant. Wait!!! wait!!. I told my mom to wait and I heard her mumble. Oh shit. And then...KICK... I feel a large blow to my back forcing me off the machine my mother looks at me and says. I wish I did not have to do that son but i got to go. I then pulled out my flare gun and told her. To step off the machine then. She started pressing the buttons. So I shot her with the flare gun and she ran off the machine burning alive and my dad comes running up to me. You did the right thing son now lets get out of here. As the machine started going I was watching my mother burn and thinking of how confusing this is. I ask myself what will my report look like? will my mom and dad get back together? most importantly will Wendy find this to be an acceptable conclusion to my story.............



Introduction- the age of bacteria 4.6 billion to 544 million years ago the precambrian eon the first continents appeared

the tectonic plates were moving around forming super continents like the first known super continent vaalbara it formed 3.6 billion years ago.there is evidence of batceria this basically sumerizes it.


4.6 billion to 541 million years ago
earths primitive atmosphere and oceans emerge in the earliest archean (eoarchean era) and evidence of the earliest primitive life forms-bacteria and blue green
algae appears in rocks about 3.5 billion years old
The Eoarchean is best known through the Isua Greenstone Belt, which is the oldest known rock formation (3.8 - 3.7 billion years old). This area, located in southwestern Greenland, contains metamorphosed volcanic (mafic) and sedimentary rocks.
the oceans were likely created by condensation of water derived from the outgassing abundent volcanoes
As the Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB) ended with the Hadean, the newly forming crust continued to stabilize, and eventually led to the creation of the continents-
The Archean was the period in which continent formation first began. The surface of the Earth had started to solidify in the Hadean, with the presence of liquid water as early as 100 million years after the formation of the Earth-maybe
The Earth in this period was moderately warm. Although the sun was about 30% cooler than it is today, the geological activity of the earth was much higher, leading to a somewhat temperate climate. Most of the earth was covered with oceans.
the atmosphere contained mostly methane and little to no oxygen.