Life during the Paleozoic Era
The Paleozoic Age was about about 542 million years ago to 251 million years ago. It had a big affect of the change and evolution of Earth. This time began with one supercontinent changing, and began the shape of another. Plants started to be found around the world and the first animals began to walk on land with vertebrates. The Paleozoic Age started with the end of the Cambrian Period, about 53 million years was known for its "explosion" of life on Earth. The evolution of arthropods was also included in the so called "Cambrian Explosion".
pangea during Pathelogic.jpg-The Pangaea during the Paleozoic Era
plants during paleozoic.jpeg-Plant fossil from the Paleozoic Era
paleozoic fossil.jpg-Animal fossil from the Paleozoic Era
plants during paleozoic era.jpeg -Another plant fossil from the Paleozoic Era
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